Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nothing wrong with getting older

I've honestly enjoyed growing up. What I have not enjoyed is watching the changes that keep surprising me in the mirror. At some point in my future, I know I will go for the "big fix" and get some plastic surgery, though not at a dramatic level. Looking good is only important to me at the level of saying, "looks good at her age".

For anyone who isn't caring for their skin, it's never too late to begin that process. Get your monthly facials, use SPA products at home, switch to mineral makeup, stop smoking, keep your drinking to what's good for the heart, be happy, meditate, eat right, believe the rumors of the value of the Omega 3's and 6's, exercise and do whatever makes you feel beautiful. I strongly recommend the use of a jade roller when your eye area gets puffy, and natural skin rejuvenation systems (tuning forks, jade roller, facial massage, accupressure) to minimize and delay the wrinkles and sags that send so many to the surgeons.

I am in business for myself. The product I represent is a home handheld device that regenerates the collagen/elastin that breaks down with age. It is very exciting, but my passion remains in doing facials and teaching the care and maintenance of beautiful skin for my clients. Stay away from anything that "hurts" or forces the top layers of skin cells off to expose a younger looking, new layer of skin. Those procedures remove the wrinkles because they are injuring the skin, which causes swelling. The effects only last until the swelling goes down. Do those things regularly and you will develop scar tissue that will end up prematurely aging your skin.

Beautiful is a word that describes absolutely everyone. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about my business ventures, skin care, or facials.

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