Sunday, September 21, 2008

Great Things are On Their Way

I've been using galvanic current now for nearly 3 months in a way that I had not been trained to use it in esthetics. Not many spa facials are incorporating the galvanic current into their treatments. This is because the money is driving the service and the longer they take to perform services, the more unaffordable it becomes to the client.

Galvanic current has two distinct purposes. When the charge is Positive the current acts with the oil in the skin to deep clean the pores. When the charge is Negative it pushes the treatment products deeper into the pores to increase its effectivity. But, when used one after the other, it regenerates the collagen/elastin layer, and results in tightening and lifting of the skin for a more youthful appearance. In a spa, this requires constant treatments at over $100 each.

There are numerous home devices now available. Most are weak current, inflexible, and have no products that are charged appropriately to bring the greatest results. There is one, though, and it's about to get even better than it is.

A new gel has been in development and testing now for 10 years and will be released to distributors in January 2009. Not only will the galvanic current delivered by the device continue to rejuvenate the skin, the gel being released will attach itself to the enzyme that protects the skin from aging. Used regularly, and the skin will age at a fraction of the speed it currently does.

This is a huge breakthrough, and I'm so delighted to say I'm going to be one of the priviledged distributors.

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